Mass events, congresses, conferences

Offer for organizers of mass events

We offer assistance in the organization of all kinds of events, congresses, conferences and other mass events (music concerts, sports competitions, seminars and others). On the basis of exhibition systems, but also on the basis of conventional materials, we can prepare reception desks, cloakrooms, wardrobes, reception counters, coffee bars, partition walls and other unusual buildings.

We have cooperated and co-organized events with many event companies — Beauty In (Kongres i targi LNE), ZiZ Centrum Edukacji (Family Medicine Congress), Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe (events and mass events), Leaf Media (conferences, events, fairs), EventGalicja (events and concerts), Event-factory (events and mass events), World Media (events and concerts), Medycyna Praktyczna (seminars and conferences), VM Media (seminars and conferences), Agencja Eventowa ESPECTO (events and concerts).



The stands designed by us allow for safe service of visitors (while maintaining social distance), which is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. We use (among others) transparent PLEXI screens to enable safe contacts with customers during fairs and other events.



In you need more information – contact us! We will do our best to advise you!



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