Other constructions and exhibitions

Nonstandard constructions – our offer

In addition to standard and individual stands, we also offer the construction of various structures for more unusual applications. Most often they are all kinds of cloakrooms, wardrobes, information points, partition walls and posters, reception desks, exhibitions and expositions, congresses and conferences, lighting ramps and much more! If you need a non-standard element, we will be happy to try to design it for the needs of your exhibition - both using the universal system ("OCTA"), but also conventional materials (wood, metal, glass, PVC). We also make all kinds of custom-made furniture.


Bearing in mind the special time and problems related to maintaining safety, the requirements set by the health and safety department and state regulations in terms of COVID-19 - we would like to offer you help in solving many current problems.

We offer all kinds of partition walls, also transparent walls filled with plexiglass and other structures that allow the division of the area into smaller ones, which will automatically affect the safety and facilitate your work organization in accordance with the sanitary regime.

On the basis of our elements, we can offer the construction of temporary partition walls and separate rooms such as isolatories or other temporary rooms of any size and purpose .

We offer assembly and rental for any period - no need to purchase elements!

We will prepare an individual offer for you - the costs depend on the number of necessary elements, the place of assembly (transport cost) and the rental time.

At any time of the lease, it is possible to rebuild and change the dimensions of the rented elements - we are aware of the risk posed by the uncertainty associated with changes in regulations and the costs they entail.



You're not sure whether our offer will suit your idea?

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