Individual stands

What exactly are 'Individual stands'? What do we offer?

Stands of this type allow you to stand out from other exhibitors during the fairs. High quality materials, unusual constructions or nonstandard lighting can attract more visitors.

Individual stands are built both with standard exhibition systems and unconventional materials like wood, metal, PCV and glass. Each time we prepare a unique stall design, it takes into account many factors as: type of the event, on-site conditions and other client requests. We equip stands with full range of furniture, utility items and household goods (fridge, sink). We also offer more unusual elements like nonstandard flooring, on demand furniture, cabinets, counters and many more! 

We provide a range of multimedia equipment to use on our stands (TVs, speaker systems, unusual lighting) and implement it during the assembly.

We can take care of both graphic design, as well as production and print. Thanks to our experience with many printing houses in Poland, we can offer many unique and tested advertising solutions (prints on foils, banners, fabrics – also spatial elements made of PCV and styrodur.

We had a great pleasure to construct stands and exhibitions for many of our clients on countless fairs and congress centers like: EXPO-KRAKÓW, EXPO SILESIA, Kielce Fairs, Ptak Warsaw EXPO, EXPO XXI, International Poznan Fairs, MAKiS, ICE Kraków czy Lublin Fairs.


The stands designed by us allow for safe service of visitors (while maintaining social distance), which is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. We use (among others) transparent PLEXI screens to enable safe contacts with customers during fairs and other events.

From draft to assembly:

When we agree on basic terms of cooperation and guidelines concerning the stand, we proceed to design phase. After that we deliver a high quality visualisation allowing you to carefully look over the project from every angle (we use professional CAD software and 3D rendering programs like Cinema4D). During this stage you have the possibility to make corrections to your vision. When we agree on a final form of the stand, we proceed to material collection and execution. We always do this within an appropriate time span before the event. The last phase is the assembly – on a fixed date with the client (after fairs' organiser agreement) we build the stand. After the event we disassemble the construction.


Examples of individual stands we designed:

You're not sure whether an individual stand will be a proper choice? You need something less complicated? Please check our standard stands offer!

In you need more information – contact us! We will do our best to advise you!



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